I am employed by Stripe as a technical writer, maintaining product documentation. In my free time, I contribute to open source software and infrequently write articles for various internet publications.

Before joining Stripe, I worked in evangelism roles at RethinkDB and Xamarin. I used to be a contributing editor at Ars Technica, where I covered Linux, software development, and emerging web standards. I’ve written articles for a range of other publications, including Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, and Jax. I’ve also presented talks at a number of conferences and meetups.

I’m known in the Linux community for creating an open source social networking client called Gwibber. Several Ubuntu releases included Gwibber in the default installation. At the peak of its popularity, it had roughly half a million monthly active users. I handed off Gwibber maintainership to Canonical after leading the project for three years.

My latest open source software project is Basejump, a lightweight framework for building API backends. Basejump enables rapid prototyping by making it easy to turn database queries into API endpoints. It’s not quite ready for adoption yet, but you can follow the source code on GitHub or watch my presentation on YouTube.